Cherwell Business Awards Finalists Sigma Digital

Cherwell Business Awards Finalist Sigma Digital! How did that happen?

Over the last 12 months Sigma Digital have gone through drastic growth and change and we are proud to announce that, Yes its true! Sigma Digital have been selected as the Cherwell Business Awards Finalists in the New Business Award category, sponsored by A2 Dominion! We wanted to take the time to thanks everyone that takes the time to put the awards together and all of the sponsor involved in this great event!
But the big question on everyones mind is; “Who are these guys and where did they come from?”

It’s our 1st Birthday!

No joke, Sigma Digital turns 1 year old on Monday the 10th April 2017! We have come a long way from the days of our CEO Stefan Wesley in pyjamas at a computer, building a website from his bedroom for our first client We Fix Any Car! At the time we had no portfolio, testimonials or reviews to showcase our skills and for this reason we will always be grateful to We Fix Any Car for putting their trust in us to deliver them a new website as well as ongoing monthly digital marketing! Stefan then took on the help of Web Developer Milosz Krasinski who was the first person to join the Sigma Digital Family.

What happened next?

Stefan had a clear idea of what he wanted the company to look like and he began attending networking events all over Oxfordshire to promote the new business. To his surprise it was a big hit with local businesses and he signed a number of fantastic new clients including Michelin Star Restaurant, Fallowfields Country House. At this point it was time to take the company to the next level and get a real office to work from. Stefan was introduced to Tom Hanney, an Area Manager of Oxford Innovation who set him up with a desk in the Bicester Innovation Centre’s shares Studio Office.

The Client that changed it all!

With networking in full swing and a great portfolio of clients growing fast, Stefan met Mark Prior, Owner of Top Flight Helicopters who was interested in discussing a new Website and Digital marketing for his company. The project got underway and Stefan and Milosz designed an amazing new website!

Mark was so impressed with the level of service and quality provided that he and Stefan go into talks about what the plan was for the company over the next few years. Stefan’s passion and expertise in Digital Marketing shone through and Mark put in an initial investment to allow Sigma grow to the next level with a full brand redesign, new computers, and a new office!

Marketing at its best!

Sigma Digital now armed with a great team of Digital Marketing and Web Design Experts decided it was time to unleash the brand on the public with an innovative marketing day in Oxford. The Sigma Team took to the streets of Oxford and within 5 hours had received 370,000 online impressions through Twitter and Instagram alone! The evening was spent entertaining our loyal clients and suppliers at the Exclusive Rooftop Bar of TVC Oxford where they enjoyed a few drinks with a spectacular view of Oxford and its dreaming spires.

Let it Grow!

So with the hard bit done, (sort of) now it was time to grow! Sigma Digital used their skills in Marketing to reach out to potential clients all over the UK and opened a second location in London landing some great leaders in their industry. We will keep these ones a secret until we release their case studies later in the year, we have to give you a reason to come back and see us after all. We are now managing clients not just in the UK but also Dubai, Kuwait, Jordan Canada and China. Watch this space, we are taking over the world!

Forward Thinking VR Tech

We recognise that VR is the future and many of our clients are beginning to see how forward thinking we are as a company. At the beginning of 2017 Sigma Digital implemented VR Client Meetings and monthly reviews. We understand that our clients live busy lives and they understand that we are no different. We cut out the travel by sending selected clients a VR headet that they can use with their smartphone and a downloadable app called VTime. Our clients create an avatar then join us in a virtual conference room where we can present them with the latest success from their Digital Marketing Campaigns. A great way to save time and reduce costs.

Pay it Forward

At Sigma Digital we all feel very lucky to be part of such a great fast growing agency that has been blessed with the support of amazing clients, partners and friends. For this reason we feel it is important to give back to the community in a number of ways. We recently launched our Anti-Cyber Bullying and Online Reputation Management Workshops that is open to Schools Colleges and universities to take part in free of charge. Our team will come out and show students the best practices to keep safe online and develop positive online reputations in preparation for that move into work from education. Workshops are available to book now so please get in touch. We also support a number of Charities and Community based projects such as Oxfordshire Soup which is a great Live Crowdfunding Events designed for Start-ups seeking initial funding to assist them with the costs associated with their initial growth.

So whats next on the agenda?

With a great portfolio of clients all over the world we would now like to focus on our home turf. We are keen to work with more businesses in the Oxfordshire area to support them with their 2017 Digital Marketing Strategies and show them the same great returns in the same way that we have show all of our other clients. This growth will allow us to open up more great positions within the Sigma Digital Team for individuals in the local area. With a great in house training package we will be taking on new team members in apprentice and trainee positions as well as experienced. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the Cherwell Business Awards Gala Dinner on the 5th May 2017 that is being held at Heythrop Park Resort where we will face off against Rock The Atic and Savoir Fare, 2 other great local businesses that deserve to win just as much as we do so its going to be close! Next up is the Oxfordshire Business Awards, just making it through as a finalist for any of our categories for this event would be a absolute dream come true and really make all of the hard work throughout the last year worth it, please keep you fingers and toes crossed for us.

Like the sound of Sigma Digital?

If we sound like a good fit for your business we would love to hear from you. At Sigma Digital, we treat every brand completely uniquely, with no two strategies being the same. We’ll help you with everything from re-designing your website to providing you with top quality content for your blog, we can even manage your social media platforms and help you build a community around your brand. Drop us a line and one of our team will get back to you shortly.