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For years, the world famous Bicester Village has attracted millions of shoppers with its designer shops but the regeneration of Pioneer Square has made the town centre a shopping destination in its own right. Visitors can browse the shops, view the movies at the multiplex cinema or enjoy a meal and drink at various eateries.

With Bicester’s population set to almost double by 2031, Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan has identified 138.5 hectares of land across six key sites which are allocated for employment purposes. The provision of the land is intended to support the delivery of 18,500 new jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for the current and future residents of Bicester.

As the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Bicester, Sigma Digital provide a full service solution to clients of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your Digital Marketing requirements, our team is here to support your Bicester or Oxfordshire Business with Social Media Management, Paid Social, Content Marketing, PPC, SEO and Web Design.

Did you know?

Did you know that Bicester is the 9th most mispronounced town in the UK?

Wrong: “Bi-ses-ter”

Right: “Bis-ter”

Almost as annoying as the wicks is the ‘ces’ thing – from Leicester to Gloucester, they’re typically silent.

Bicester is home to the much-celebrated Bicester Village, a retail outlet centre boasting more than 130 boutiques.

Just remember the ‘ces’ thing, or you’ll be laughed at.

A notable exception, though, is Cirencester, which is pronounced exactly as it’s written.