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Did you know Leamington Spa, was once dismissed as simply a pretty Warwickshire town, best known for its Roman-built spa…. until the summer of 2013, when the area made headlines as the home to the most promising gaming cluster in the UK. With the tech industry on such an “up” we felt it was certainly time for our innovative Digital Marketing Agency to hit Leamington Spa.

Dubbed “Silicon Spa”, the area had become a thriving hub for games developers. Dwarfed only by London and Dundee – birthplace of the Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto titles, Leamington was home to gaming greats like Codemasters, which makes award-winning racing game Colin McRae Rally, and Blitz, which was churning out licensed games for the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon, with bestsellers featuring The Little Mermaid, Spongebob Squarepants and Pac-Man.

As the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Leamington Spa, Sigma Digital provide a full service solution to clients of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your Digital Marketing requirements, our team is here to support your Leamington Spa Business with Social Media Management, Paid Social, Content Marketing, PPC, SEO and Web Design.

Weird Fact about Leamington Spa!

Leamington Spa was the birthplace of Britain’s most famous occultist, the so-called ‘Great Beast’ and ‘wickedest man in Britain’ Aleister Crowley.

He was born in 1875 to Edward and Emily Crowley and lived in Leamington until he was six-years-old. The house where he was born – 30 Clarendon Square – is still standing today although it has since been converted into flats.

By all accounts Crowley didn’t spend a lot of time in Leamington Spa, but local folklore suggests that in later life he placed a curse on anyone born in the town and deemed it impossible for them to ever escape.