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London’s Tech City and Silicon Roundabout, located in East London between Old Street and Shoreditch area, is the third-largest technology startup cluster in the world after San Francisco and New York City UK with the largest population of Digital Marketing Agencies anywhere in the UK.

A cluster of web businesses initially developed around the Old Street Roundabout in 2009. The area had historically been relatively run down compared to the City, and the closure of numerous firms during the 2008-09 recession had further suppressed rents making it affordable to technology start-ups.

Later, as the cluster developed, both local and national government supported its growth, with the goal of creating a cluster comparable to Silicon Valley in the United States. Cisco, Facebook, Google, Intel and McKinsey & Company are among the companies that have invested in the area. City, University of London, London Metropolitan University, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London and University College London are all academic partners in projects based in the cluster.

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3 Fun Facts about London!

There are several abandoned Tube stations, many of which are used for filming and even private parties, including Strand, closed in 1994; Down Street, closed in 1932; Brompton Road, closed in 1934; and Mark Lane, which is now an All Bar One but was once part of what is now Tower Hill.

London buses were not always red. Before 1907, different routes had different-coloured buses.

Big Ben is the bell, not the clock tower. Its chime is in the key of E.