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Stop what you’re doing!  We see you; still sending social media visitors to your home page over and over again. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone – and neither will your visitors. 

“Many marketers make the mistake of spending time and money on social media advertising, only for it to be wasted at the crucial moment. ” says Lukasz Zelezny

When a customer clicks on your advert or post they are, by and large, expecting to be taken to a page which mirrors the content that they’ve already seen. 

Instead, too many find themselves on a business’s home page which contains generic and non-relevant information about the company.  You can probably guess what happens next – yep, they go skating off to somebody else’s site. 

“One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is to assume that getting somebody onto their website is enough.  Although it can work, this can be more than a little bit hit and miss. ”  says Max Babych

Instead, what you want is a landing page which reflects the content in your social media marketing in order to reassure the visitor that he or she is in the right place. Luckily for you, there are lots of easy to use landing page building tools available and, today, we’re going to talk about the mighty Landingi

The mighty what?

Now 10 years old, Poland based Landingi is an end to end platform which helps businesses to build their own landing pages quickly and without fuss.

As well as common sense, step by step guides, Landingi has lots of funky features to help you on your way – including over 200 customisable landing page templates.  

Landingi was created for the small to medium businesses who is looking to direct social media visitors to a relevant page in order to super size conversions. 

In its decade of trading, Landingi has collected some pretty fancy customers including: 

  • Paypal
  • Unibet
  • Credit Agricole
  • Aviva
  • Campus Warsaw
  • Booksy

Features, you say?

Landing page template
Landing page template

Yep – and lots of ‘em!  Below are some of the best features currently available on Landingi: 

  • 200+ customisable templates
  • Handy drag and drop editor
  • Cloud hosting
  • Automation
  • Customisable mobile view
  • Lead inbox
  • Custom domains
  • Plugin for WordPress
  • Comprehensive support
  • User collaboration
  • Lead generation – a sort of mini version of CRM which lets you organise and analyse your leads more or less at the touch of a button – and then helps you to export them to Excel or CSV for easy access. 

In addition to the above, Landingi has some pretty great analytics to help you measure the performance of your page and is fully integratable with Google Analytics for added convenience.  As with the rest of Landingi, its analytics are presented in a sensible and clear way and are accessed from your dashboard. 

Landingi template
Landingi template

Great, but what’s the damage?

They say that the best things in life are free – although that’s not the case with Landingi, it comes pretty close with its really affordable pricing.  Landingi offers separate pricing packages for business plus additional packages for agencies and these are priced as follows: 

Core – $29 per month.  With the Core package, you get all your basic features including the drag & drop editor, Pop up Maker, 150 templates, email integration and custom HTML. 

Create – $45 per month. The Create package serves up all the features from the Core package plus 50 premium templates, email integrations, lightboxes and an image and icon library. 

Automate – $59 per month. The full monty for business, this package has additional features including funnels, A/B testing, campaign scheduler, advanced integrations and autoresponder. 

Agency Packages

Consultant – $145 per month. The Consultant package is jam packed with all the features you would expect, plus sub accounts, an unbranded WordPress plugin, and unbranded emails. 

Agency – $149 per month. The Agency package goes the extra mile with audit logs, custom templates, custom image library, and priority support. 

Agency Pro – $245 per month. You’ve got it all with the Agency Pro package including everything listed above plus  a Landingi platform for your own domain (and including your own branding), plus API for creating sub accounts. 

All Landingi packages are billed annually and, a fourteen day trial is available. 

What’s the lowdown?

OK, so Landingi has lots of features and an impressive selection of pricing packages but, is it worth the dough?  We’re glad you asked – let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this landing page tool: 


Price – Landingi’s range of price packages means that even businesses with bijou budgets can get on board.  You can also upgrade whenever you like for extra flexibility. 

Super easy – Landingi is so simple to use that you can easily get up and running with zero technical skills.  The platform takes you by the hand and leads you through each stage including choosing your templates and launching your page. 

Support – In the very unlikely event that you get stuck, Landingi’s support is reactive and available by live chat and email. 

Compatibility – This page building superhero is compatible with pretty much all of the popular browsers as well as Facebook for the ultimate in convenience. 


Publishing – There can, occasionally, be a bit of a lag when publishing your page which can be frustrating but is certainly not a deal breaker. 

Chat – The chat icon at the bottom of the page can be a bit intrusive (and, quite frankly) a bit annoying and, tends to pop up when you least expect it – kind of like the annoying sales assistant who follows you round the store. 

Page loading – Landingi’s page building can be a little slow at times but this is, at worst, a mild inconvenience. 


For companies looking for a straightforward and affordable landing page builder, Landingi is a really good bet.  Far from basic, it has enough features to allow you to create reasonably personalised landing pages and its integrations are perfectly adequate (including Zapier and Salesforce).  

Businesses looking to create lots of landing pages with lots of bells and whistles may find that they need to upgrade to one of the more expensive packages but, for light to medium users, even the Core package should be sufficient – making Landingi exceptionally good value.

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