Social Media Marketing Agency Warwickshire

At Sigma Digital we excel as a Social Media Marketing Agency Warwickshire , working with clients to create a social media community around their brand by sharing great content and engaging directly with your target market.

When looking for a Social Media Marketing Agency Warwickshire, one of the first things you will take part in is your initial consultation to discuss your target market and your industry. We will put you in the mind-set of your buyers/audience in order to create a strategy that will be truly engaging and allow you to create a social media community around your brand. On top of this, we will make sure that you have a strong internal process for receiving enquiries and work with you to understand how best to manage and measure your campaigns.

Whilst creating your Social Media Management strategy we will also focus heavily on your Online Reputation Management and how you wish your brand to be perceived online. We look at what platforms are going to work best for your brand and what your overall goals are in order to provide you with a great return on investment.

Your Social Media Management strategy will have clear monthly targets and schedules for each platform. We predominantly focus on the “Big 6” when creating your social media agency strategy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+

We have years of experience developing Social Media Management strategies for companies and industries all over the globe ranging from Car Garages to Luxury Hotels and Private Security Firms to Helicopter Charter Companies. Whatever industry you are in we have the expertise to learn what works for your marketplace, allowing you to engage with your target market through strategic social media management.

How it’s Done

Social Media Management of a variety of techniques that all work hand in hand to deliver your business the results you want. Here are the methods involved:


Facebook Social Media Management Campaigns are great for targeting your desired audience. We use fun, exciting and informative content to create posts on your Business Pages that build a great community around your brand. We also focus on dynamic Social Media Management allowing us to engage in multiple live conversations and really engage with your audience.


Twitter Social Media Management is a great way to get your business out their fast. Twitter is one of the busiest social media platforms with an astonishing 350,000+ tweets going out every single minute! This means when Social Media Marketing on Twitter it is essential to stand out from the crowd, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for 🙂


When it comes to image based social media management, Instagram are years ahead of anyone else! It allows you to really show off your video and Imagery through subject headers / hashtags, without having to make direct connections. This platform is an absolute no brainer if you have a visual product or service to market to the world.


Working in a corporate environment can make social media management difficult to interact on more informal social networks with colleagues, suppliers and potential clients/customers. LinkedIn eliminates those issues with a more formal social networking platform, specifically designed for business professionals. The great thing about LinkedIn is it allows you to filter searches to really find individuals that your business is targeting through job role, seniority, location, experience and loads more!


Every day, millions of people use Pinterest Social Media Management to find ideas for all parts of their lives. More than 75% of the ideas on Pinterest come from businesses like yours, which is why you’re so important to Pinners. From there, we’ll add pins to your Pinterest boards in a few different ways, linking your content to your website so that your clients can get more information and contact you when they are ready.


With over 343 million users, Google+ is the second biggest social network and can be a great place to connect with your target audience. Google Plus Pages for businesses are now managed through Google My Business, a platform that makes it easy for customers to find and connect with your company. Google My Business uses Search, Maps, and Google Plus to make your brand more visible in local search results.

How your Business will Benefit

If you’re a company who isn’t implementing Social Media Management, it’s likely you’re going to fall behind competitors who are. How will you get to the top of the search results without SEO? Will your content be a complete flop and your social media more irritating than enticing? It’s not really worth risking it in our opinion. Digital marketing will also allow you to reach a huge audience that you may not have tapped into before, and is completely global. It’s often more cost effective than traditional advertising methods and will help your brand move into the modern era of marketing. It really is an essential part of any 21st century brand.