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Making Waves – A Comprehensive Review of Surfer

For many, keeping on top of your SEO is like that monthly visit to the in-laws – you know you have to do it but, you can’t help making excuses to put it off. Like all modern marketing methods, SEO is constantly evolving – which means that, without regular monitoring and updating, it becomes all but defunct.

On top of that, many marketers tend to make rookie mistakes with their SEO which, worse than making it defunct, can actually harm the site and, in some cases, lead to penalties imposed by Google – just like taking your mother in law the wrong gift can have disastrous consequences.

I can’t help you regarding the visit to the in-laws but, thankfully, there are some great tools out there which can help you optimise your SEO and, today, I am going to take a look at one of our favourites – Surfer

So, what is Surfer?

In case you weren’t paying attention, Surfer is an SEO focussed tool created for marketers.

The brainchild of SEO expert and entrepreneur, Sławek Czajkowski, Surfer is a cloud based on-page optimisation tool which allows users to view and analyse their pages against SERP ranking as well as performing a compare and contrast with competitors. 

Yeah, yeah, another SEO tool, so what?

I’ll tell you what – Unlike some of the competition, the folk at Surfer have spent a huge amount of time and effort on providing a comprehensive, data-driven analysis tool which actually delivers what it promises – and more.

In addition to the stuff you’d expect from an SEO tool, Surfer goes a little deeper in showing you correlation meters (how insane?) as well as telling you specifically what’s working and what’s not on your site.

This is possibly the most detailed and thoughtful SEO tool I’ve ever come across – and I’ve come across a few 👆!  

Who is Surfer for?

Although Surfer is great for anybody who wants to optimise their web pages, it is particularly targeted at startups, SMEs and marketers who don’t have the time to faff around with their SEO.

Who uses Surfer?

Surfer is used by a number of clients worldwide – including some dedicated SEO agencies. Customers include Brand 24, Authority Hacker, Diggity Marketing, ProsperityMedia and SEO Content Hero. 

Surfer SEO Clients
Surfer SEO Clients

How does Surfer work?

To begin with, Surfer offers a 7 day trial for just $1 – and it’s a really good idea to take advantage of this in order to familiarise yourself with the tool.

To do so, simply click onto the 7 day trial button and fill in your details to get started (you can do this using your email or your social media accounts).

Once you’ve handed over your info, you’ll be sent an email verification and then you’re all set. 

Surfer SEO Signup page
Surfer SEO Signup page

Once you’re set up, you’ll have access to your Dashboard which will become the hub of your Surfer life.

The dashboard is really straightforward and will point you in the right direction no matter what it is you want to do. You’ll now also have access to blogs and tutorials to help get you up to speed. 

Surfer SEO Main Dashboard
Surfer SEO Main Dashboard

What are Surfer’s features?

Surfer has stacks of great features, including: 

SERP Analyser

Surfer’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Analyser is probably the main tool available to users and includes: 

True Density in Audit: Allowing users to discover the perfect keyword density for their pages for optimal search results. This really handy feature cuts out one of the most common SEO mistakes made by marketers.

Surfer SEO true density
Surfer SEO True density

Correlation: This allows users to compare their site to the competition in terms of ranking, influence and optimisation.

Surfer SEO Correlation view
Surfer SEO Correlation view

Link building: Surfer allows users to create plans for their linkbuilding based on SERP high page common backlinks. 

Surfer SEO Link building
Surfer SEO Link building

Content editor

It’s no secret that, in 2019, content is where it’s at – and Surfer’s content editor makes the creation of unique and engaging content a doddle.

Users can access auto-generated guidelines for their copy – and these can be customised and sent directly to writers for extra convenience.

The content editor provides all the good stuff to make your content great including advised length, prominent words and phrases and more. 

Surfer SEO Content editor
Surfer SEO Content editor

Do you want to keep Google Docs and use Surfer’s recommendations? Easy – grab this free Content Editor Chrome extension and enjoy your processes even more!

Surfer SEO Chrome Extension
Surfer SEO Chrome Extension

Keyword research

Surfer’s keyword tool is one of the most powerful available and, has more than a few tricks up its sleeve.

Featuring keyword extraction, analysis and comparison, the tool makes light work of figuring out the best words and phrases for your site.

Featuring keyword extraction, analysis and comparison, the tool makes light work of figuring out the best words and phrases for your site.

Going the extra mile, the keyword tool even categorises words into categories, customises them and lets you know which words and phrases to use on each page of your site for a full and comprehensive keyword feature.

Before starting out with your keywords, Surfer can perform a complete content audit to let you know what you’re doing well – and not so well.

The keyword tool has a staggering level of accuracy due to the fact that it invests in high quality data so, results are reliable and trustworthy.  

Surfer SEO - Keyword Tool
Surfer SEO Keyword Tool

The reason why it is so good is because SERP Similarity metric. It is a unique value that shows keywords with the same search results as search term that you started with.

The more exactly the same URLs ranking the higher SERP Similarity is.

Keywords researched for high similarity have high chances to rank together with one page, while those with lower values (eg. 30%) will create great supporting pages for relevant silo structure on your blog.

Knowledge base

Like a fairy godmother for SEO, Surfer offers a number of bonus features within it’s ‘Knowledge Base’ tab to help users develop their skills. These include: 

Copywriting tuition: This 7 day email course promises to help users to improve their writing skills, use SEO wisely and, basically, supersize their content in order to earn more from their content.  

Advanced SEO course: OK, so you’ve already got the Surfer tool to help you along but, Surfer also offers a 7 day email course which teaches users tactics to beat the competition, new approaches and tools and, ways in which to more effectively structure content. 

Best of all, these tutorials are completely free of charge – simply sign up, validate your email address and they’ll be whizzing into your inbox in no time at all. 

What’s the damage?

As I’ve mentioned, you can use Surfer for seven days for just $1 dollar. After that, you can still bag three queries per day for free. If that’s not quite enough for you, Surfer does have six (count ‘em!) pricing packages which are as follows: 

Surfer SEO Pricing
Surfer SEO Pricing

Hobby $29 per month

As the name suggests, this package which allows for five queries per day is the equivalent of ‘Surfer Light’ and is really only suitable for those looking to make the occasional query. 

Basic $59 per month

With a little more oomph, the Basic package offers 15 queries per day and access to features such as page speed metrics and Google bot screenshot. 

Pro $99 per month

For the startup or SME, the Pro package’s 50 queries per day plus the features mentioned in the Basic package pack a bit more punch for businesses looking to get serious about SEO.

Business $199 per month

This package gets down to business with 100 queries per day plus all the bells and whistles, making it a great choice for medium sized businesses.

Business+ $650 per month

For those making a start on building an empire, 300 queries per day means that the Business+ package is probably the one for you. 

Enterprise Custom

Should even the Business+ package fail to satisfy your needs, you can get in touch with Surfer to build your own custom package. 

Customers who are prepared to fork out for a year in advance receive two months free membership which is a great incentive. 

The pros and cons of Surfer 🏄

It’s a fact of life that nobody’s perfect – so, I take a look at the ups and downs of Surfer: 

Surf’s up

Clever keywords – many of the keyword tools out there are basic to say the very least. Surfer’s keyword tool is one of the most comprehensive – and most accurate on the market today and is worth the price by itself. 

Quality content – for the first time, Surfer has managed to create a tool which is actually capable of assisting in the creation of content. Intuitive and reliable, the content editor dramatically cuts down the time spent on content creation. 

Price – The three free queries and the $29 hobby package make Surfer hugely affordable for those who don’t need a whole lot of access. For those that do, the other packages are still reasonably priced in comparison to some other SEO tools. 

Attention to detail – Rather than giving you a vague idea of the current state of your pages, Surfer provides a really detailed and comprehensive audit with multiple presentation options including chart, table or SERP view.

This is a brilliant feature for those just starting out who may need a little more help in figuring out what they’re doing wrong on their pages. 

Reach – Covering over 500 ranking factors, Surfer leaves nothing to chance when painting a true picture of your site.

Accuracy – One of the most important things about Surfer is its almost spooky accuracy when it comes to results.

This tool leaves behind those which throw up irrelevant or just plain bizarre keywords, leaving you with just high value words and phrases relevant to your site. 

Support – like other aspects of Surfer, its customer support is just that little bit superior to the competition.

Support is available via live chat and, customers can even request a personal walkthrough of the tool to help them get the hang of it (although this isn’t, sadly, available with the Hobby package).

Surfer’s support is fact, reactive and handled by owners for quick resolution of issues and collecting feedback. 

Free Chrome Extension – meet Keyword Surfer, a free Chrome extension that is a SERP overlay extracting Search Volume for your keyword, suggested searches, similar and related keywords. 

Surf’s down

They say you have to take the bad with the good and, although there are some really great reasons to use Surfer, some of our niggles are as follows: 

The limit – when signing up to Surfer, you sign up to a particular package which offers a specific number of daily queries.

Although you will, of course, choose your package according to your needs, there may be the odd time that you need more – and it can be a little frustrating when the ‘computer says no’. 

Factors – Although Surfer boasts 500 different ranking factors, the reports generally only show 80 of these – which is fine if you’re just looking for an overall idea but annoying if you’re after something a bit more in-depth. 

Metrics – Often, metrics shown are marked as ‘average’ and are, therefore, not exact figures. To be honest, these are still pretty accurate but can skew results slightly. 

The verdict

So, what you really want to know is, is Surfer worth handing over your hard-earned cash?

In a word, yes. As I’ve mentioned, this tool features a rare level of accuracy and reliability as well as a bunch of stuff that you simply won’t get from another SEO tool.

Although the Hobby package offers really good value for money, I’d advise investing in the Basic or Business packages in order to avoid the frustration of running out of credits.

Although I was dury bound to mention some downsides to Surfer, the good stuff far outweighs the bad.

As well as the super-accurate keyword tool, the content editor makes this a great investment for the reluctant content writer, making the whole process faster and considerably less painful.

On the whole, if you’re looking to smarten up your SEO and improve your content, you really won’t do much better than Surfer.

Milosz Krasinski

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